• Image of CESSPOOL (With Signed Original Art)

One Signed Paperback, 106 Pages
One Randomly chosen Original CESSPOOL Art By Jay Hansen or Devin Francisco. Original Art comes signed by the artist
(original art may differ from what is shown)

Cesspool features 20 pieces of macabre art by Jay Hansen and Devin Francisco, accompanied by grotesque stories by Joe Knetter, MP Johnson, T.A. Wardrope, Tyler Hansen, Kenneth E. Olson and Roxie Hockensmith.

Come swim in the cesspool.
The water is vile.
A hooded man plays a twisted game of cards in a back alley. The parents of a demon baby are plagued by their brood’s incessant whimpering. Death loses its meaning after a sick experiment by an old doctor. The silence of mimes cuts just as sharp as their blades. A ballerina twirls gracelessly as a toy laments its fate. Bungling teenagers attempt to dispose of a body after a threesome gone horribly wrong.